Philip Maughan is Assistant Editor at the New Statesman.

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Cultural Capital
21 January 2013
For some reason, religious language sticks to George Orwell. The late historian Angus Calder, reviewing the collected...
Cultural Capital
10 January 2013
The noms are in. Journalists and industry insiders shuffled along to the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in...
Cultural Capital
09 January 2013
This lunchtime in Cheapside’s Daunt Books I watched an assistant stock the shelves with new editions of George...
Cultural Capital
21 December 2012
Our guide to the season's cinematic offerings.
19 December 2012
Read the New Statesman's most recent interview with David Attenborough, by Brian Cox and Robin Ince, here. For...
Cultural Capital
18 December 2012
After the competition page was hijacked from The Week-End Review, “absorbed” by the New Statesman in 1933,...
Cultural Capital
03 December 2012
The father of dub poetry, Linton Kwesi Johnson, has won the 2012 Golden PEN Award, awarded annually to an accomplished...
Cultural Capital
27 November 2012
On 27 November 1953, the American playwright and Nobel laureate Eugene O’Neill died in Room 401 of the Sheraton...
Cultural Capital
22 November 2012
In June, Zadie Smith attempted to express in words how it feels to repeatedly defend the idea of public libraries, only...
Cultural Capital
15 November 2012
It was depressing enough watching HMV cannibalise itself: devoting a mushrooming allotment of floor space to “...
Cultural Capital
14 November 2012
Plus ça change. In 1927 the British Broadcasting Company was granted a Royal Charter, elected John Reith as its...
Cultural Capital
02 November 2012
Fifty-two years ago today a unanimous jury at the Old Bailey affirmed that the book Lady Chatterley’s...
Cultural Capital
26 October 2012
After the FT reported that talks had been held between two of the world’s “big six” publishers,...
Cultural Capital
18 October 2012
This morning ArtReview announced the 2012 Power 100, their annual list of the contemporary art world’s most...