Philip Maughan is Assistant Editor at the New Statesman.

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The Staggers
13 April 2013
The Independent has been criticised for ushering Andrew Wakefield - the discredited surgeon who linked MMR to autism...
Cultural Capital
05 April 2013
The American film critic has died, aged 70.
Cultural Capital
26 March 2013
Reviewed: Compliance.
21 March 2013
The Books Interview.
Cultural Capital
13 March 2013
With nominations from Academy of "ideal first readers".
The Staggers
11 March 2013
The “revolution” in higher education.
Cultural Capital
08 March 2013
Inaugural recipients include Tom MacCarthy, James Salter and Zoë Wicomb.
Cultural Capital
28 February 2013
Last night Shalom Auslander was awarded the 2013 Jewish Quarterly-Wingate Prize for his novel Hope: A Tragedy. The...
Cultural Capital
26 February 2013
The second most famous line in Sunset Boulevard comes near the beginning. Joe Gillis has broken down and is...
Cultural Capital
21 February 2013
Why did the Pope resign? Yes, yes, he is old and ill. But what could possibly possess a man so wedded to tradition to...
Cultural Capital
20 February 2013
Theatre itself takes centre stage.
Cultural Capital
15 February 2013
One year after the invasion of Iraq by US-led troops, Iraqi author and film maker Hassan Blasim fled the country and...
The Staggers
13 February 2013
A good time to go veggie?
Cultural Capital
07 February 2013
“The term ‘the Establishment,’ as it is now popularly used, was introduced into the common language...
Cultural Capital
05 February 2013
When Bruce Page was editor of the New Statesman, in the early 1980s, he received two letters from Marion Lloyd, leader...