Philip Maughan is a writer and editorial assistant at the New Statesman.

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Cultural Capital
07 May 2013
His first appearance in Japan since 1995.
02 May 2013
“He really wanted to use the cartoon to change the world.”
Cultural Capital
23 April 2013
Good Vibrations tells three stories. One is the story of Terri Hooley, the one-eyed “godfather of Irish punk...
The Staggers
22 April 2013
You guessed it - it's the kids.
Cultural Capital
17 April 2013
Preview: Blue Murder at the Hang-Up Gallery.
Cultural Capital
16 April 2013
Bios for the twenty listed writers.
The Staggers
13 April 2013
The Independent has been criticised for ushering Andrew Wakefield - the discredited surgeon who linked MMR to autism...
Cultural Capital
05 April 2013
The American film critic has died, aged 70.
Cultural Capital
26 March 2013
Reviewed: Compliance.
21 March 2013
The Books Interview.
Cultural Capital
13 March 2013
With nominations from Academy of "ideal first readers".
The Staggers
11 March 2013
The “revolution” in higher education.
Cultural Capital
08 March 2013
Inaugural recipients include Tom MacCarthy, James Salter and Zoë Wicomb.
Cultural Capital
28 February 2013
Last night Shalom Auslander was awarded the 2013 Jewish Quarterly-Wingate Prize for his novel Hope: A Tragedy. The...