Philip Maughan is a writer and editorial assistant at the New Statesman.

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TV and Radio
20 August 2013
Down, down, down and out.
Cultural Capital
13 August 2013
The end is nigh.
30 July 2013
FAO Lord Howell of Guildford.
Cultural Capital
23 July 2013
Review: Breathe In.
Cultural Capital
23 July 2013
How many have you read?
16 July 2013
Lavinia Greenlaw to chair.
Cultural Capital
10 July 2013
Introducing Richard Wilson's "Slipstream".
The Staggers
05 June 2013
In 2008 Rowan Williams gave a lecture to lawyers at the Royal Courts of Justice about the relationship between Islam...
Cultural Capital
04 June 2013
Saints Alive at the National Gallery.
Cultural Capital
20 May 2013
Taxonomy for the masses.
Art and Design
16 May 2013
“He isn’t a cartoonist, really. He’s a fine artist.”
Cultural Capital
13 May 2013
If Mark Twain were alive today, studied film making at the University of North Carolina and had nurtured a ten-year...