Philip Maughan is Assistant Editor at the New Statesman.

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Cultural Capital
29 May 2014
Reforms mean it will be optional.
Cultural Capital
15 May 2014
A neat, unflinching masterpiece.
Cultural Capital
02 May 2014
The Opposite of Loneliness.
Cultural Capital
20 March 2014
The fearless Kenyan writer talks about the “lost” coming-out chapter from his memoir and teaching creative writing in NYC.
Cultural Capital
04 March 2014
Twelve new stories from Britain's most industrious writer.
Cultural Capital
10 February 2014
One of only three non-American writers to have made the cut.
27 January 2014
The Dig  Cynan Jones Granta, 156pp, £12.99 Badger-baiting was outlawed across Britain in 1835 and yet...
Cultural Capital
23 January 2014
Nathan Filer reading the mind.
Cultural Capital
22 January 2014
Listen Up Philip concernes a self-involved Jewish writer named Philip.
24 November 2013
The rift with his brother is "healing".
14 November 2013
"I was his creation."
Cultural Capital
13 November 2013
"Fiction at its most novel".
31 October 2013
Here he is.