Phil Hartup is a freelance journalist with an interest in video gaming and culture

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27 January 2014
On Justified.
20 January 2014
The modding community around Skyrim shows that fans can be just as creative as developers.
13 January 2014
Never mind The Wire.
06 January 2014
Crowd funding gone mad.
18 December 2013
It's not been a great year for gaming.
Killing Time
09 December 2013
It is still on the cutting edge of gaming.
Killing Time
18 November 2013
Skyrim's Lydia is good because she is so unremarkable.
Killing Time
07 October 2013
It's all about iterative improvements.
Killing Time
26 September 2013
The latest in a line of politicians and journalists to scapegoat video games for violent behaviour.
10 September 2013
It's little wonder that the game has divided opinion.
Killing Time
30 August 2013
Sometimes, the "trying not to die" element of a video game is the best part.