Phil Hartup is a freelance journalist with an interest in video gaming and culture

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Killing Time
24 November 2014
The other side of conflict.
Killing Time
18 November 2014
From Crusader Kings 2 to Civilisation V.
Killing Time
07 November 2014
Kerbal Space Program and early access.
Cultural Capital
28 October 2014
Quantity, quality and fetching things.
Killing Time
20 October 2014
Pushing an agenda.
Killing Time
09 October 2014
Killing Time
26 September 2014
What Are We Doing.
Killing Time
15 September 2014
Let’s accept they’re different.
Killing Time
08 September 2014
Not just Dungeons and Dragons.
Killing Time
20 August 2014
The glorious Roman bug hunt.
Killing Time
29 July 2014
Simple graphics, complex cult game.