Phil Hartup is a freelance journalist with an interest in video gaming and culture

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Killing Time
25 February 2015
A new perspective on the past.
Killing Time
19 February 2015
Soccer and spreadsheets.
The Staggers
11 February 2015
Decisions, decisions.
Killing Time
04 February 2015
Striking a balance.
Killing Time
29 January 2015
Innovative storytelling.
Killing Time
08 January 2015
Lessons learned over time.
Killing Time
17 December 2014
A year of experiments.
Killing Time
11 December 2014
Football's not worth this.
Killing Time
05 December 2014
Enter the self-assembly hero.
Killing Time
01 December 2014
Self-awareness is key.
Killing Time
24 November 2014
The other side of conflict.
Killing Time
18 November 2014
From Crusader Kings 2 to Civilisation V.
Killing Time
07 November 2014
Kerbal Space Program and early access.