Petros Fassoulas is the chairman of European Movement UK

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Business blog
18 March 2013
In case anyone thought that the bank and sovereign debt crisis that has engulfed certain parts of the eurozone has...
Economics blog
17 January 2013
and the EU should be praised for encouraging it
The Staggers
09 October 2012
Do you see over yonder, friend Sancho, thirty or forty hulking giants? I intend to do battle with them and slay them...
The Staggers
02 July 2012
Talking about a referendum now is wrong.
07 May 2012
A political consensus shattered.
Economics blog
30 April 2012
So why keep it at arms length?
22 February 2012
The agreement reached in the early hours of Tuesday is indeed of paramount significance. It draws a line under months...
The Staggers
02 December 2011
If there was ever a time for apocalyptic titles, well, this is it. Politicians, journalists, market participants,...
The Staggers
04 November 2011
It is not often that a prime minister stands up to make a speech to his party's MPs only to have his finance minister,...
The Staggers
02 November 2011
When we thought we had seen it all, as the latest EU summit had produced a deal that was supposed to draw a line under...