Peter Wilby was editor of the Independent on Sunday from 1995 to 1996 and of the New Statesman from 1998 to 2005. He writes a weekly column for the NS.

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19 December 2012
Peter Wilby's "First Thoughts" column.
13 December 2012
How Labour should respond to the government’s programme of benefit cuts will be Ed Miliband’s most...
06 December 2012
Peter Wilby's "First Thoughts".
UK Politics
29 November 2012
Has George Osborne appointed a closet lefty to run the Bank of England? According to the Mailand Telegraph, Mark Carney...
22 November 2012
Oscar Wilde is supposed to have said that socialism took up too many evenings. Now it involves rather a lot of shopping...
15 November 2012
Stop press. Lord Patten, chairman of the BBC Trust, has rejected a resignation offer from George Entwistle, the...
UK Politics
08 November 2012
When he set up a committee on smog in 1952, Harold Macmillan, then the local government minister, said: “We...
01 November 2012
Poor countries are hard hit by extreme weather because they can’t afford to protect themselves. Rich countries...
25 October 2012
Peter Wilby's "First Thoughts" column.
11 October 2012
Revelations of Jimmy Savile’s behaviour towards girls under 16 have prompted another bout of BBC-bashing in the...
UK Politics
20 September 2012
Michael Gove, announcing the abolition of GCSEs and the introduction of his full English Baccalaureate, requiring...
12 September 2012
The talk at the TUC conference was of a winter of strikes, even of a general strike. It may be unwise of the unions to...
06 September 2012
When you listen to the row over this year’s GCSE results, you might think a C grade was some fixed, verifiable...
29 August 2012
Before Neil Armstrong (who died on 25 August) set foot on the moon, science-fiction writers had often envisaged the...
23 August 2012
When I was a child, I was taught that the British were particularly energetic because of our bracingly cold climate. In...