Peter Wilby was editor of the Independent on Sunday from 1995 to 1996 and of the New Statesman from 1998 to 2005. He writes a weekly column for the NS.

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27 August 2009
In August 1914, Britain went to war with Germany amid patriotic fervour. A cabinet minister's private secretary...
20 August 2009
Countries that embrace market liberalism, notably Britain and America, are best placed to recover from the recession,...
13 August 2009
''Why the hell should I take this any longer for £64,000 a year?" an unnamed MP asks the Observer rhetorically. By...
06 August 2009
On assisted suicide
UK Politics
30 July 2009
Brown and Churchill
23 July 2009
The busiest virus
09 July 2009
With every day that passes, it becomes clearer that those who hoped the crisis of capitalism might lead to a...
02 July 2009
The Ashes and globalisation
UK Politics
25 June 2009
Daniel Finkelstein, a Times columnist and a former director of the Conservative Research Department, writes: “I am a...
18 June 2009
I do not care whether the Iraq inquiry is held in public or private. It is a waste of time and money. Like, I would...
UK Politics
11 June 2009
The plot to kill off Labour
04 June 2009
What price liberty?
UK Politics
04 June 2009
I suppose, when you think about it, government by celebrity is sooner or later inevitable. All parties seek celebrity...
28 May 2009
On Esther Rantzen
UK Politics
21 May 2009
Whenever it is suggested that MPs’ expenses be cut, someone – usually a sitting MP – insists there must be a...