Peter Wilby was editor of the Independent on Sunday from 1995 to 1996 and of the New Statesman from 1998 to 2005. He writes a weekly column for the NS.

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04 November 2010
My guess is that what Boris Johnson calls the "cleansing" of the poor from central London as a result of the...
UK Politics
28 October 2010
The tales of torture, reckless bombing and murder of unarmed civilians in Iraq contained in the latest WikiLeaks...
21 October 2010
The day before George Osborne's Spending Review, a friend was travelling on a London bus that broke down on a busy...
UK Politics
30 September 2010
Gosh, the Blairites are cross! In the Independent on Sunday, John Rentoul, Tony Blair's biographer, put the boot into...
21 September 2010
Who matter
16 September 2010
I don't understand the process by which the Pope selects people for beatification (or even what beatification is...
09 September 2010
What is most extraordinary about the News of the World phone-hacking affair - revived by a New York Times investigation...
02 September 2010
Imagine. You are 18 years old and you come from a poor village in the Pakistani Punjab. You have a rare talent for...
26 August 2010
Maybe it's the fascist beast in me rising again, but I wonder whether it's really such a disaster if, as a result of...
19 August 2010
We should wish Alan Milburn luck in his new job as the government's "social mobility tsar". But unless he...
The Staggers
13 August 2010
Martin O'Neill's record as a football manager looks admirable, and neither of the two clubs he managed immediately...
12 August 2010
Call me a fascist beast if you like, but I rather hoped the coalition would go ahead with stopping free milk for under-...
05 August 2010
British banks, which all seemed to be insolvent less than two years ago, are announcing fat profits. Admittedly, these...
22 July 2010
On the same day as David Cameron made his "big society" speech in Liverpool, the Times reported that an...
15 July 2010
I must report that, for the second time, Peter Mandelson has sent me to sleep. The first occasion was in 1998 when, as...