07 March 2013
Italy’s general election has done nothing to solve Italy’s and Europe’s pressing problems. In the...
06 December 2012
Peter Popham thinks of England.
International Politics
14 November 2011
Fadhel, a 47-year-old Tunisian crane driver, has lived in Italy for 23 years, and the living has been good. Economic...
17 October 2011
Perhaps the strongest indication that change may at last be under way in Burma came on 19 August. It was not Aung San...
28 October 2010
To follow Italian politics today is rather like watching the terrible last bouts of a heavyweight champ on the slide....
Human Rights
28 June 2010
Hope lives on
14 August 2006
When I first visited Burma for the Independent in 1991, months after Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (...