Peter Hain is MP for Neath and a former Labour cabinet minister

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07 June 2007
Whether on Iraq, health reorganisation, schools reform or civil liberties, the relationship between Labour and millions...
29 August 2005
This has been a cruel summer: first Robin Cook and now Mo Mowlam, two political stars Labour could ill afford to lose....
15 August 2005
The loss of Robin Cook is devastating for his wife, Gaynor, his family and his friends. But it is also devastating for...
31 January 2005
You read it here first. A third Labour term will be about "liveability". Peter Hain is talking about quality-of-life...
08 July 2002
A hundred years after the railway workers helped to establish the Labour Party, their hard-left leader, Bob Crow, wants...
12 November 2001
Globalisation is not a policy. It's a fact of life. There is no point in being afraid of it. Or angry. It is like...
11 October 1999
I was born in Nairobi and brought up in Pretoria. My parents fought for freedom in South Africa, and I carried on...
12 March 1999
Because his real audience is the television viewer and the tabloid reader, Tony Blair makes few, if any, concessions to...