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20 March 2013
The issue of the great switchover to digital radio is a tricky one to solve for the car industry. At home, simply...
Business blog
05 April 2012
Cars different to groceries, apparently.
Business blog
21 March 2012
The news that Nissan is to bring back its Datsun brand for emerging world markets will be greeted differently depending...
UK Politics
07 June 2004
I looked with amazement at the headline on the London Labour Party's glossy election leaflet that plopped through my...
UK Politics
18 November 2002
I walk down a local pavement, past a row of shops. Three boys, aged between about 12 and 14, have managed to get on to...
UK Politics
30 September 2002
A little warning from history. As an issue, housing has, for years, mouldered near the bottom of electoral attention (...
19 February 2001
I think of it as "my year of the NHS". Don't shy away. I'm not writing the story of my time on a ward. I once worked...
25 September 2000
It was when I heard Chris Mullin on the radio, dismissing the petrol tax protesters as a lot of "loony tunes", that I...
19 June 2000
Writing about equality in Britain, R H Tawney said: "the word, 'class,' is fraught with unpleasing associations, so...
13 March 2000
Every political party needs some very clear, simple manifesto offer, which brings down to earth, for voters' benefit,...
13 December 1999
I stand on the roof of a ten-storey car park in the middle of Peckham. The view is stupendous. Northwards it stretches...
13 December 1999
Some people may, even at this late hour, be fretting about what the inside of the Millennium Dome may finally be like...
29 November 1999
On the wall are five vividly coloured pictures on sheets of sugar paper. Reds, greens, yellows, blacks. Portrait heads...
15 November 1999
When old Sam Walton - the leathery Arkansan who founded the Wal-Mart bargain stores - was wandering around London on a...
23 August 1999
The battle of the books is increasingly ferocious. While anxious commentators have been focusing on the fortunes of...