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29 October 2014
Strategic investment and fairer austerity.
The Staggers
17 September 2014
A European centre-left renaissance?
The Staggers
23 April 2014
The newly insecure middle class.
UK Politics
14 February 2014
Civil service reform and the machinery of government may not be as immediately enticing as the progressive challenge of...
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08 September 2013
Across Europe, the dramatic shift of political strategy is still poorly understood on the left.
The Staggers
12 June 2013
Whatever the modern obsession with personality and presentation, ideas still have the potential to make the weather in...
The Staggers
28 January 2013
Reinforced by the wave of austerity following the financial crisis, a new Policy Network/IPPR report shows that...
07 September 2010
In this work of comparative political biography, former Labour MP Giles Radice portrays his subjects as a triumvirate...