15 August 2012
The outgoing BBC director-general is to become president of the New York Times Company.
05 March 2012
The natural father of Baby P has been awarded £75,000 against the publishers of the People after being wrongly...
27 February 2012
The Sun on Sunday sold three million copies after it hit news stands across the country for the first time, Rupert...
24 February 2012
Daily Star Sunday editor Gareth Morgan today welcomed a High Court decision overturning a privacy injunction brought by...
13 January 2012
Private Eye editor Ian Hislop will join a series of national and regional newspaper editors giving evidence to the...
19 December 2011
A senior News International executive has asked the Guardian to correct 26 articles alleging that the News of the World...
12 October 2011
Britain's biggest police force made a mistake when it cited the Official Secrets Act as it tried to force the Guardian...
11 October 2011
A London courtroom was cleared yesterday to protect the identity of undercover reporter Mazher Mahmood who was giving...
26 January 2011
650 jobs to go
25 January 2011
Phone hacking
24 January 2011
Hacked phone?