The Staggers
20 August 2012
The work and pensions secretary is not happy with the BBC.
25 June 2012
The media was able to report the case of a woman embroiled in a divorce battle who overturned a court order which...
12 April 2012
The trial of a man accused of murdering his wife almost 14 years ago could be shown on TV, court chiefs have said. Nat...
16 January 2012
The editor of the Daily Mirror has told the Leveson Inquiry that phone-hacking "might well have" taken place...
12 January 2012
Actor Neil Morrissey has accepted substantial undisclosed damages from the publisher of the Daily Mail over a claim...
11 January 2012
A former Scotland Yard detective who complained of being spied on by the News of the World during a major murder...
22 December 2011
Journalists covering Madeleine McCann's disappearance in Portugal were under great pressure to bring in stories...
13 December 2011
Former Cabinet minister Tessa Jowell has accepted £200,000 in damages after her phone was targeted by the News of the...
18 January 2011
The Sun has won a High Court order for the NSPCC to disclose documents which might demonstrate that a social worker who...