02 February 2011
In British politics, Punch and Judy are for ever in and out of favour. David Cameron, as a new leader of the...
31 January 2011
27 January 2011
No one won the 2010 general election, but one thing is certain: Labour definitely lost. It would appear, however, that...
25 January 2011
"Really, you'd be prepared to do a deal with the Tories?" I asked. I'm on a windswept platform waiting for a...
21 January 2011
Sometimes I wish we were French. I wish that we were not raised on the false morality of Carry On Camping. Instead, I...
20 January 2011
For the past 30 years, nothing has been more tedious for Lib Dems than the question "Which way will your party...
UK Politics
22 September 2010
Thinking back over the last five years of party conferences, it is striking that this has been the least managed of...
20 September 2010
"I'm on Simon Watch," a journalist said to me as he arrived at the fringe meeting I was chairing. Now that...
UK Politics
19 September 2010
I am not talking about AV or STV or FPTP, but about those votes at the conference on policy motions. As the leadership...
UK Politics
19 September 2010
Who are we?