International Politics
07 February 2013
The intervention trap.
Middle East
13 December 2012
The Arab Spring lives on.
International Politics
25 January 2012
The Arab spring marked the emergence of a new generation on the political scene and a definitive rupture with the...
24 August 2011
Syria is undoubtedly the country in which the Arab spring has the most profound geostrategic implications. The fall of...
Global Issues
23 June 2011
The long war.
International Politics
12 May 2011
On Bin Laden
31 March 2011
The sudden U-turn by President Nicolas Sar­kozy, in which he abandoned cosy relations with Middle Eastern dictators in...
03 March 2011
As revolt spreads in the Middle East, the young people who launched the protest movement are being joined by ever-...
15 February 2011
In Europe, the popular uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East have been interpreted using a model that is more...