Nina Caplan is the 2014 Fortnum & Mason Drink Writer of the Year and 2014 Louis Roederer International Wine Columnist of the Year for her columns on drink in the New Statesman. She tweets as @NinaCaplan.

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Food and Drink
20 June 2012
They call her a young country, but they lie,” wrote A D Hope in the poem “Australia” – but when...
30 May 2012
If life gives you nothing but lemons, I suggest you slice them, add ice, drown them in gin and don’t let too much...
23 May 2012
The memory of the Holocaust haunts my family to this day.
09 May 2012
  There aren’t many places where whites are exposed to more prejudice than any other colour, but wine...
Food and Drink
09 May 2012
Jewish cuisine and British dining.
26 April 2012
Peter Carey doesn’t want to talk about Australia. “Christ,” he laughs, “I only gave you four...
04 April 2012
  Here I am, sipping Armagnac and pondering speed. My balloon, with a couple of inches of tawny nectar...
Food and Drink
26 March 2012
There comes a point in every gourmand's life when she must face the awful truth: she is out of synch with the...
Food and Drink
05 March 2012
The dictionary says: "a clear alcoholic spirit distilled from grain or malt and flavored with juniper berries...
12 February 2012
If, as much of the world believes, we Brits are culinary dunces, how do you explain our longstanding passion for sherry...
Food and Drink
23 January 2012
Hold on to your heads, fellow drinkers: January is upon us and I propose to discuss hangovers. Awaking pale and...
Food and Drink
28 November 2011
At the Guildhall Library in London is a book that was given to the wine writer André Simon, called Cigars and the Man....
Food and Drink
10 November 2011
In Lebanon, politics flows over everything, seeping into crannies like the contents of a spilt bottle of red and...
24 August 2011
One Day (12A)dir: Lone ScherfigDavid Nicholls proved himself as a chronicler of unpromising romances in Starter for Ten...
18 August 2011
The Skin I Live In (15)dir: Pedro AlmodóvarWhat's wrong with Antonio Banderas? It is tempting, contemplating the...