Nina Caplan is the 2014 Fortnum & Mason Drink Writer of the Year and 2014 Louis Roederer International Wine Columnist of the Year for her columns on drink in the New Statesman. She tweets as @NinaCaplan.

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Food and Drink
23 January 2014
Abstinence is no fun.
12 December 2013
The best wines in the world.
14 November 2013
Many foodies hate the word “foodie” – I’ve never quite worked out why. Granted, it’s an...
24 October 2013
For the love of thieving.
Food and Drink
17 October 2013
They get Jesus, we get drunk.
Food and Drink
26 September 2013
I’ve got chilled comfort for anyone who finds French wine hard to understand: Italy makes France look simple...
Food and Drink
05 September 2013
What to drink with steak?
Food and Drink
15 August 2013
No label.
Food and Drink
25 July 2013
“Take what you want,” says the Arab proverb, “and pay for it.” This seems obvious to the point...
Food and Drink
04 July 2013
In praise of Campari.
28 May 2013
But surely the grape arrived first?
Food and Drink
02 May 2013
On the Chinese wine market.
27 March 2013
Wine is not simple.
07 March 2013
Don't be afraid of the wine experts.