Nina Caplan writes on drink for the New Statesman. She tweets as @NinaCaplan.

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Food and Drink
15 August 2013
No label.
Food and Drink
25 July 2013
“Take what you want,” says the Arab proverb, “and pay for it.” This seems obvious to the point...
Food and Drink
04 July 2013
In praise of Campari.
28 May 2013
But surely the grape arrived first?
Food and Drink
02 May 2013
On the Chinese wine market.
27 March 2013
Wine is not simple.
07 March 2013
Don't be afraid of the wine experts.
14 February 2013
Is there any drink more befuddling than rum? Even the etymology is weird. It began as rumbullion, which may come from...
07 February 2013
Draining the dregs.
Food and Drink
24 January 2013
Hush now, with your weather reports, your resolutions and exercise regimes. You may be in the chilly midst of an...
Food and Drink
23 December 2012
Here's to a well-fortified Christmas.
Food and Drink
06 December 2012
Before I launch into a hymn to sparkling wine, I’d better make something clear. I love champagne, with its rich...
Food and Drink
15 November 2012
Rich food deserves exciting partners.
25 October 2012
Give South African wines another go.