Nick Spencer is director of studies at the think-tank Theos. His book Freedom and Order: History, Politics and the English Bible is published by Hodder & Stoughton

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16 May 2013
The Serpent’s Promise: the Bible Retold as Science Steve Jones Little, Brown, 448pp, £25 The Bible...
20 September 2012
Beyond reason.
The Staggers
31 July 2012
What was your first time like? Did you enjoy it? No doubt you were nervous but then so was everyone else there, so that...
The Staggers
21 March 2012
There is general consensus that the deregulation of Sunday trading around the Olympics is a dry run for the real thing...
The Staggers
14 February 2012
Jesus's most prominent opponents, the Pharisees, spent a great deal of time and energy telling their contemporaries who...
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10 December 2011
People do not instinctively associate Christmas with politics or economics. Indeed, if there is any association it is...