Nick Pearce is the director of the Institute for Public Policy Research.

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The Staggers
27 February 2015
A thorny issue
Cultural Capital
03 April 2014
Author of the acclaimed book Capital.
The Staggers
19 February 2014
Eurosceptic sentiment has risen sharply in the UK, in common with pan-European trends. The proximate cause has been...
19 September 2013
A new vision for welfare.
The Staggers
08 May 2012
On a couple of occasions when I worked at 10 Downing Street, I had the pleasure of drafting a paragraph or two for...
The Staggers
06 May 2012
The rejection of city mayors in nine of the 10 cities that held referenda last Thursday has brought English devolution...
UK Politics
26 March 2012
At the beginning of the 20th century, Britain spent just 12 per cent of its national output on public services and...
The Staggers
29 November 2011
The deterioration of the public finances will guarantee George Osborne tough headlines for his mini-Budget Autumn...
The Staggers
09 November 2011
Caution advised
06 October 2011
In his history of Britain in the 1950s, Having It So Good, Peter Hennessy recounts a delicious little anecdote about...
The Staggers
04 April 2011
Ed Miliband's primary task today was to turn the screw on Andrew Lansley. In this, he has been largely successful, but...
The Staggers
17 January 2011
Nick Clegg's announcement today that the government will go ahead with the implementation in April of Labour's plans to...
04 September 2006
By the end of the next parliament, the number of people locked up in England and Wales is likely to reach 100,000. That...
29 May 2006
It looks as though, after drifting the wrong way for some years, Britain is gradually becoming a more equal society....
27 February 2006
Do dog lovers have fewer children? George Orwell thought so. Britain's "cult of animals", he complained, had...