04 July 2014
My stamina is not what it was.
30 May 2012
“A big day tomorrow,” I say to the Beloved as we stir our cocoa and retire to bed. As she well knows that I...
28 January 2010
Visitors to the Hovel are always amused - or appalled - by its eccentric features. Freed from the conventionalities, or...
25 June 2009
Leafing through a copy of one of my parents’ magazines, I notice and read a piece by Toby Young bemoaning the lot of...
18 June 2009
There was another one of those stupid studies, reported on last week in some of the papers, that London has not made it...
19 March 1999
It's meant to be the big definer, the thing we can't do, the rock where a thousand earnest chats about sexual equality...