Nick Cohen is an author, columnist and signatory of the Euston Manifesto. As well as writing for the New Statesman he contributes to the Observer and other publications including the New Humanist. His books include Pretty Straight Guys – a history of Britain under Tony Blair.

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05 May 2003
Has the left - by which I mean the left that opposes new Labour - begun to grasp the magnitude of its defeat? Only six...
World Affairs
07 April 2003
In September last year, critics greeted the publication of Martin Amis's Koba the Dread: laughter and the twenty...
Middle East
24 March 2003
From the archive: 24 March 2003.
Human Rights
10 March 2003
About a decade ago I learnt how it worked when I went with the then editor of the Independent on Sunday to dinner at...
24 February 2003
At the end of last year, it seemed that the over-quoted remark that 11 September "had changed everything" seemed as...
UK Politics
27 January 2003
In April 2000, shortly before he became vice-president of the United States, Dick Cheney, joined John Spellar, the then...
UK Politics
13 January 2003
It was commonplace to say in the 20th century that the Labour Party owed more to Methodism than Marxism. In the 21st,...
Human Rights
16 December 2002
How to fill the days? When both major parties agree that the worst type of capitalism is the best and only way, what is...
02 December 2002
After the Potters Bar crash, the airwaves buzzed with demands for the maintenance of the railways to be taken from...
UK Politics
18 November 2002
Tony Blair's friendship with Silvio Berlusconi is proof, if proof is still needed, that he hasn't a particle of social...
UK Politics
04 November 2002
About this time last year, Harry Fletcher, a spokesman for the National Association of Probation Officers, received a...
21 October 2002
At the 1998 Labour conference, Peter Mandelson, then the undisgraced trade secretary, prepared the ground for his...
Human Rights
07 October 2002
The best way to understand how those big-hearted Aussies regard refugees is to think of pollution. Like oil slicks,...
International Politics
23 September 2002
In 1920, the great powers promised the Kurds their own state, in Article 64 of the Treaty of Sevres. In 1930, the...
International Politics
09 September 2002
Ever since Tony Blair went shoulder to shoulder with George W Bush, critics have wondered what Britain is receiving in...