Nick Clegg is leader of the Liberal Democrats and MP for Sheffield Hallam. Clegg initially trained as a journalist before working as a development and trade expert in the EU. He was elected as MEP for the East Midlands in 1999, stood down in 2004, lectured at Sheffield and Cambridge universities, and was elected to the UK parliament in 2005.

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26 January 2012
Today I want to make clear that I want the Coalition to go further and faster in delivering the full £10,000 allowance....
UK Politics
19 December 2011
First, let me thank Demos and the Open Society Foundation for inviting to me to speak. I can think of no better moment...
UK Politics
14 September 2011
Good morning. Today I'm going to talk about the economy. I'm certainly in the right place. For more than a century LSE...
The Staggers
05 September 2011
Today is the first Monday back for teachers and pupils up and down the country. A day always marked by renewed optimism...
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14 August 2011
This has been a traumatic week.Traumatic for the nation; for police forces around the country; and above all for the...
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21 April 2011
Liberals have been champions of political reform since the formation of our party more than a century and a half ago....
The Staggers
13 March 2011
UPDATE: You can now watch the speech in full This weekend is just the second time we've been together as a party...
03 March 2011
From Liberal Democrats' websiteCheck Against DeliveryToday I want to talk about the UK as an open, confident society....
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07 January 2011
IntroductionThis morning I want to talk about freedom. About the hard-won liberties that we in Britain hold so dear....
20 September 2010
Stick with us Two and a half years ago, I stood in this very hall to make my first speech as Leader of our party....
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15 May 2009
No time to hesitate
09 April 2009
With more and more scandals erupting over MPs’ expenses the need for Britain’s politicians to get the House of Commons...
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16 December 2008
It’s now twelve months since I became leader of the Liberal Democrats. More than ever it’s clear to me that people in...