Nicholas Lezard is a literary critic for the Guardian and also writes for the Independent. He writes the Down and Out in London column for the New Statesman.

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02 May 2012
There’s a strange light outside. It hangs high up in the sky, is impossible to look at directly and is making...
26 April 2012
To the German embassy. Not a sentence I get to write often. Nor one, I suspect, I will get to write again. There’...
18 April 2012
Not that I’d want to.
05 April 2012
I am walking past the charity shop when I see something in the window. I shop here regularly: the Aquascutum jacket...
04 April 2012
An email is forwarded to me: it’s from Newsnight. How exciting! The government has just announced a minimum price...
26 March 2012
Sober, blameless, virtuous even - for I am doing the washing-up - and another glass breaks. Down to four now, which...
20 March 2012
Mousey is back. Or should that be micey? One steps into the kitchen and sees a little grey flash scuttling guiltily...
19 March 2012
I am wandering around the Hovel, looking for a book. This would be fine if it were a simple matter of finding any old...
05 March 2012
Well, there go the good times. In the end I had two cracking meals: one at the Casa Becci, as promised, and the other a...
27 February 2012
An email arrives from the chief executive of a magazine that went bust last year owing me £750. I might have mentioned...
20 February 2012
An email from one of the editors at the New Statesman. (I imagine them, with ultimate power over my life and fate, as...
12 February 2012
I am driving down to Wiltshire on a Wednesday morning, listening to Radio 3, and for some reason the weather forecast...
30 January 2012
At a swanky literary party - they still exist but they are few and far between - I am introduced to two charming girls...
23 January 2012
I wake up on Sunday with a hangover so bad that I feel profoundly altered inside. There have been fundamental...
16 January 2012
Another year, another final pair of digits on the file marked "terror about financial matters". Not that...