Nicholas Lezard is a literary critic for the Guardian and also writes for the Independent. He writes the Down and Out in London column for the New Statesman.

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12 September 2012
Accidentally exploring the recesses of your eyeball.
05 September 2012
The first time you brush your teeth with shaving cream instead of toothpaste, it takes a while for your taste buds to...
29 August 2012
Today I am in frisky mood, for I am packing my bags to go on holiday for the first time since a long weekend in Paris...
23 August 2012
Well, that’s it, the book is done and you will hear no more about it from me in this column. Apart from this. It...
15 August 2012
“Been busy lately?” asks a friend I haven’t seen for a while. “Yes,” I reply, “you...
08 August 2012
I’m a piles-and-piles-of-books-and-papers-around-the-place kind of person.
25 July 2012
  These are times that try men’s souls. And women’s, obviously. This is, I gather, the “...
19 July 2012
London has been Olympicised...
04 July 2012
To ———, a non-Oxbridge university in England, with the Daughter, for its open day. To think this was...
27 June 2012
Coming up to the fifth anniversary of the eviction from the family home and I am beginning to wonder whether it is even...
20 June 2012
Oysters, Pimm’s, Kabbalah and chi.
13 June 2012
So, I’ve finally done it. I’ve bought a bottle of L’Oréal Elvive conditioner because it said...
12 June 2012
“A big day tomorrow,” I say to the Beloved as we stir our cocoa and retire to bed. As she well knows that I...
06 June 2012
I was slightly miffed to be left out of the New Statesman’s Jewish issue a couple of weeks ago – as well as...
16 May 2012
Brrng! Brrng! Another call from BBC Radio Wales. As is their occasional custom, they wish me to help the good people of...