Nicholas Lezard is a literary critic for the Guardian and also writes for the Independent. He writes the Down and Out in London column for the New Statesman.

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15 November 2012
Readers of last week’s issue of this magazine may have noticed that the illustration accompanying this column was...
08 November 2012
A brief spell of financial viability, boredom and a clear schedule conspire, towards the end of October, to propel me...
Food and Drink
01 November 2012
Iam lying in bed in the afternoon reading a fascinating article in the Times Literary Supplement – a very good...
Food and Drink
25 October 2012
Nicholas Lezard's "Down and Out in London" column.
11 October 2012
So, here I am in club class on a plane running under the flag of a Well- Known Airline. Yes, yes, I know. What is a...
04 October 2012
Could you all please be a little quieter? Razors has been here and I am feeling a bit delicate this morning. Thank you...
27 September 2012
That’s the summer over, then.
20 September 2012
Should I go to the party? Should I?
12 September 2012
Accidentally exploring the recesses of your eyeball.
05 September 2012
The first time you brush your teeth with shaving cream instead of toothpaste, it takes a while for your taste buds to...
29 August 2012
Today I am in frisky mood, for I am packing my bags to go on holiday for the first time since a long weekend in Paris...
23 August 2012
Well, that’s it, the book is done and you will hear no more about it from me in this column. Apart from this. It...
15 August 2012
“Been busy lately?” asks a friend I haven’t seen for a while. “Yes,” I reply, “you...
08 August 2012
I’m a piles-and-piles-of-books-and-papers-around-the-place kind of person.
25 July 2012
  These are times that try men’s souls. And women’s, obviously. This is, I gather, the “...