Nicholas Clee, the NS food columnist, is the author of Don’t Sweat the Aubergine: What Works in the Kitchen and Why (Short Books). He is a former editor of The Bookseller, and writes about books for papers including the Times, Guardian, and Times Literary Supplement.

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03 January 2014
What is the future of the book business?
11 October 2012
It is very rare for a racehorse, or indeed any athlete, to perform at an altogether higher level of ability than that...
23 April 2009
The Galaxy British Book Awards dinner, which takes place at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane each spring, is not...
Food and Drink
18 December 2008
I love everything about Christmas Day. I love opening the presents, I love reading any new books that have been...
Food and Drink
25 September 2008
I am going to be self-indulgent in this, my farewell column, and serve myself the writer's equivalent of the prisoner's...
Food and Drink
11 September 2008
Aubergines are the ideal vegetable - fruit, if you wish to be pedantic - for early autumn. They remind you of the...
Food and Drink
28 August 2008
The biggest market in Lower Normandy takes place each Tuesday in 'Aigle. Here is the most lavish of hypermarchés, but...
Food and Drink
14 August 2008
On a fine August day, picking raspberries is a pleasantly tiring way to spend a summer. The fruit can be reached,...
Food and Drink
31 July 2008
As I wrote here last year, I am not a confident barbecue cook, though I do crave one or two grilled foods strongly...
Food and Drink
17 July 2008
I am useless at DIY. The reason is that, fundamentally, I am bored by it. Confronted by some fiddly task, I decide,...
Food and Drink
03 July 2008
In the marvellous film La graine et le mulet (English title: Couscous), a gala dinner to promote a new restaurant is...
Food and Drink
19 June 2008
Cultural doomsayers like to argue that the domination of publishing by large corporations, and of bookselling by mass-...
Food and Drink
05 June 2008
The Observer Food Monthly has asked top chefs what foods they could not live without. The magazine meant, I think,...
Food and Drink
22 May 2008
One of the responsibilities of a position in the public eye is to be mindful not only of what you say, but also of how...
Food and Drink
08 May 2008
Jersey Royals have been in the shops since February, but the ones to buy are those coming on to the market now. The...