Nichi Hodgson is a writer and broadcaster specialising in sexual politics, censorship, and  human rights. Her first book, Bound To You, published by Hodder & Stoughton, is out now. She tweets @NichiHodgson.

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Cultural Capital
16 July 2013
Does gender make a difference in publishing?
28 May 2013
The potential censorship ramifications are huge.
12 December 2012
When I was growing up, I had a few ambitions. First, it was brain surgery. Then Shakespearean acting. In the end I...
16 July 2012
If a man says he sucks because he’s male, it’s surely sexist to agree with him. But if he uses his gender...
03 July 2012
Last-minute funding problems.
25 June 2012
Without it my life chances would have been obliterated.
21 June 2012
She's not the end of the world
19 June 2012
BBC cuts won't even save money.
28 May 2012
The Daily Mail and Carina Trimingham.
21 May 2012
Not content with ruminating on work, happiness, or airport queues, philosopher Alain de Botton has now turned his...
World Affairs
11 May 2012
Tokyo Rainbow Pride
The Staggers
24 March 2012
The Care Quality Commission (CQC), ordered to perform spot-checks at abortion clinics, revealed yesterday that up to...
The Staggers
13 March 2012
Does feminism discriminate against men? Tom Martin thinks so. Today, the former MSc student at the gender studies...
The Staggers
09 February 2012
In LGBT History month, denying a persecuted homosexual a pardon seems particularly insensitive. But in the case of Alan...
The Staggers
28 January 2012
The recent refocusing of the feminism debate as a matter of left vs right might feel regressive, as hammily retro as a...