Belief, disbelief and beyond belief

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Nelson Jones
22 July 2011
Imagine a country whose police and politicians had for decades been in thrall to a foreign-owned multinational...
Nelson Jones
19 July 2011
The Court of Protection is due to consider the case of a woman known only as M, whose family wish for her to be (as the...
13 July 2011
Is the Church of England dying on its feet -- or perhaps that should be, on its knees? Some Anglicans fear so. As the...
Nelson Jones
08 July 2011
For some years now, Lord Carey has taken advantage of the tabloid's distinguished columns to lament the moral decline...
Nelson Jones
04 July 2011
"If you want to get rich," advised L. Ron Hubbard, "start a religion". Today's news from Kerala,...
Nelson Jones
29 June 2011
The lower house of the Dutch parliament has voted by a large majority to ban the slaughter of animals without prior...
Nelson Jones
24 June 2011
Nadira Jakinova once danced in the nightclubs of Tashkent. These days, the aspiring actress lives in Ramsgate with her...
Nelson Jones
21 June 2011
Trevor Phillips seems to have upset everyone with remarks he made to the Sunday Telegraph about the religious...
UK Politics
16 June 2011
If inviting the Archbishop of Canterbury to guest-edit the New Statesman was some kind of attention-grasping strategy...
The Staggers
07 June 2011
"Letting children be children". Thus runs the title of yesterday's much anticipated report into the "...
The Staggers
03 June 2011
A physical reaction?
The Staggers
25 May 2011
Much fun has been had over the past week at the expense of Harold Camping, the elderly American evangelist whose...
The Staggers
20 May 2011
Richard Dawkins stands accused of cowardice for refusing to debate with an Amercian theologian, William Lane Craig. He...