Belief, disbelief and beyond belief

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Nelson Jones
13 October 2011
So it turns out that Rev Robert Jeffress -- supporter and mentor of US presidential candidate Rick Perry -- doesn't...
Nelson Jones
10 October 2011
Cult or religion?
Nelson Jones
07 October 2011
"Steve Jobs to reboot in three days."That was one facetious comment yesterday on the sad news of the Apple...
Nelson Jones
29 September 2011
The latest data release from the ONS's integrated household survey shows a continued, slow decline in Christian...
Nelson Jones
23 September 2011
There's something wearying about the seemingly endless procession of "religious discrimination" cases coming...
20 September 2011
Sally Morgan, aka "Psychic Sally", a popular television clairvoyant, finds herself in a spot of bother today...
Nelson Jones
13 September 2011
If Rowan Williams resigns as Archbishop of Canterbury next year, possibly to take up a professorship in Cambridge,...
Nelson Jones
07 September 2011
Jesus and bans
UK Politics
02 September 2011
The new school year will see the launch of a crop of state-funded "free schools", several of them with a...
Nelson Jones
30 August 2011
God and the hurricane
Nelson Jones
24 August 2011
Does it matter what a presidential candidate thinks about evolution? Richard Dawkins thinks it does. Blogging for the...
Nelson Jones
19 August 2011
"Our business is defending the believer." Thus spoke Trevor Phillips, chair of the Equality and Human Rights...
16 August 2011
Afterlife of Brian
Nelson Jones
10 August 2011
In the United States, polygamous cult leader Warren Jeffs has been sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes including...
UK Politics
01 August 2011
It's inevitable, perhaps, that once it was announced that the public were being invited to petition MPs to debate...