Belief, disbelief and beyond belief

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Nelson Jones
20 December 2011
The death of Christopher Hitchens has naturally overshadowed this week's special edition of the New Statesman. Apart...
Nelson Jones
15 December 2011
The current legal situation around marriage and civil partnership is incoherent. Since 5th December, under the...
Nelson Jones
13 December 2011
In his leader column for the New Statesman, Richard Dawkins makes a sharp distinction between religion as a cultural...
UK Politics
07 December 2011
As the NS's George Eaton notes, the latest British Social Attitudes survey -- which reveals increasingly negative...
Nelson Jones
02 December 2011
Politics of prayer
UK Politics
29 November 2011
A British anomaly
Nelson Jones
23 November 2011
The minister had scarcely stood up before the shouting began. "Dear David Willetts" announced a student...
International Politics
21 November 2011
Stripped bare
16 November 2011
Should a Christian hotel-owner be allowed to refuse a gay couple a double-bed, or is such discrimination no more than...
Nelson Jones
11 November 2011
So Theresa May has given in to the temptation, so often indulged by her New Labour predecessors, of banning a group...
Nelson Jones
08 November 2011
In his fascinating introduction to the long-awaited St Paul's Institute report on morality and the City (PDF here),...
Nelson Jones
01 November 2011
St Paul's Cathedral dignifies, and used to dominate, an area of prime real estate defined almost entirely by money. And...
Nelson Jones
27 October 2011
It's an everyday story of religion and society in 21st century Britain. A man, who happens to work for a housing trust...
Nelson Jones
21 October 2011
Gaddafi was lynched. At least, that's what appears to have happened. One moment he was being hauled, very much alive,...
Nelson Jones
18 October 2011
A quartet of leading atheist intellectuals, including the dense French theorist Julia Kristeva and our own AC Grayling...