Neil O'Brien is the director of Policy Exchange.

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10 October 2012
Must avoid lurching left or right.
The Staggers
10 July 2012
Editor's note: This is a response to John Denham's blog, "There is no need for Miliband to choose between...
UK Politics
04 July 2012
It's time the right took Ed seriously.
The Staggers
28 April 2012
Is there such a thing as the north-south divide when it comes to politics in this country? New Policy Exchange research...
The Staggers
11 March 2012
Policy Exchange was founded ten years ago. We believed - and still do - that there is a role for the State, albeit a...
Economics blog
08 March 2012
The Cameroon think-tank celebrates its 10th birthday
The Staggers
30 June 2011
When political parties have been in government for a long time, they run out of new ideas. After their crushing defeat...