Neal Lawson is chair of the pressure group Compass and author of the book All Consuming.

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The Staggers
06 September 2012
It is, of course, reshuffle week. To be honest, I don’t care much about who is up and who is down. Not only is...
The Staggers
30 August 2012
"There is a storm coming." It’s the last line from the first Terminator film.  It’s a quote...
The Staggers
19 June 2012
Labour needs to open up, not close in.
UK Politics
20 February 2012
Deep within a filing cabinet, I keep a copy of the 1998 Marxism Today special that just said "Wrong" on a...
The Staggers
11 February 2012
Deep within a filling cabinet I keep a copy of the 1998 Marxism Today special that just said "Wrong" on a...
The Staggers
11 May 2011
What is Labour's political purpose and strategy? The fault lines are now becoming clear: to go it alone, or build a...
UK Politics
25 March 2011
Wake up, Labour
UK Politics
10 June 2010
An end to tribalism
UK Politics
29 April 2010
Uniting the left
The Staggers
25 March 2010
Anthony Barnett's article reminded me of that old Socialist Workers Party slogan, "Neither Washington nor Moscow,...
UK Politics
11 June 2009
A new socialism
UK Politics
28 August 2008
The end of every summer marks a moment of potential political renewal. Pundits and commentators urge leaders to...
12 June 2008
As the new Labour project comes to a shuddering halt, attempts by the Blairites to revive it throw into stark relief...
UK Politics
07 February 2008
The government wants doctors' surgeries open more often and for longer. It has invested in the service and paid GPs...
UK Politics
03 January 2008
The government has gone at least two weeks without a disaster. If the froth is settling, what is the actual story as...