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03 June 2014
An ambitious growth plan could be implemented with no public borrowing at all.
30 September 2013
The UK cannot achieve a sustainable recovery until it can pay its way in the world.
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15 March 2012
When does a political campaigning body cross the red line of legitimacy and become a party within a party, and then...
The Staggers
27 January 2012
One assumption dominates the start of 2012. It will be an extremely grim year as the public starts having to pay down...
The Staggers
06 January 2012
There is another side to David Cameron's eurozone veto that hasn't been told. Staying out of the euro was not a cunning...
The Staggers
11 November 2011
It is extraordinary that more than three years into the biggest global economic breakdown for nearly a century,...
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07 February 2011
The Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions raise questions, not only about the tide of democracy surging through the Middle...
The Staggers
19 October 2010
An alternative to cuts
UK Politics
24 April 2008
One of Labour's major achievements has been to remove nearly a million children from poverty. What a tragedy if...
UK Politics
15 March 2007
So the UK will now be going overdressed into the negotiating chamber. At the preparatory session of the Conference on...
03 October 2005
The scale of the change required in the world economy over the next few decades, following the passing of peak oil...
International Politics
09 May 2005
A new power configuration across the world is being silently fashioned to counter, or at least limit, American...
29 November 2004
The great mystery of the US presidential election was that the exit polls, which had been reliable guides in all...
01 November 2004
This epic story maps the birth and early life of an idea that has transformed humanity's perception of its relationship...
18 October 2004
When Jarvis, the rail maintenance firm, announced that it would be paying £807,000 in directors' bonuses for the year...