Michael Hodges writes the Class Monitor column for the New Statesman. He was named columnist of the year at the 2008 Magazine Design and Journalism Awards for his contributions to Time Out.

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01 October 2009
I want a coffee but I can't get one. There are women everywhere in the café, wealthy women wearing expensive clothes in...
Food and Drink
24 September 2009
Outside the pub on a wet south London traffic intersection, the prevailing mood is downbeat. But inside, although it's...
Music and Performance
10 September 2009
The atmosphere at the 2007 Radio 2 Christmas party was resolutely pre-crunch. Booze and food were available in lake-...
International Politics
09 September 2009
The imam shoos me away from the steps of the mosque in Izmir's teeming bazaar. I'm baffled. I've taken my shoes off, I...
16 July 2009
Imagine that the whole edifice of scientific inquiry was built on wobbly foundations and that pretty much everything we...
UK Politics
09 July 2009
A royal election
09 July 2009
How I killed 2 Tone