Michael Hodges writes the Class Monitor column for the New Statesman. He was named columnist of the year at the 2008 Magazine Design and Journalism Awards for his contributions to Time Out.

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23 April 2010
He wears a woollen hat that was made in Peru; it has strings on the side. Alongside him in the aisle his girlfriend...
05 April 2010
We're with the cleaners on the 5am shift, finishing up the first cup of tea of the day in the half-light of the large...
19 March 2010
The wind whips at the figures on the hillside. The young offenders have screwed-up faces and shaved heads. One or two...
28 January 2010
Rod, Frank, Gus and Stuart just get through before the doors close on Stuart's briefcase. The announcer says, "...
25 January 2010
The Fiftysomethings are nonplussed. "X Factor!" snorts the man with no hair. "What rubbish," sneers...
17 December 2009
Climate protesters
10 December 2009
Rugger buggers
03 December 2009
Divorced dads
19 November 2009
“Ooohh." A noise goes up from the crowd of big kids looking at the shiny red sports car. The car is...
12 November 2009
As she scans my Chilean red wine, I notice that the woman on the checkout has eaten the quick from her fingernails. It...
05 November 2009
“Take down your trousers, please." There is no box on the census form marked "Asian Muslim women who...
29 October 2009
All of the cheese and most of the onion land on my groin. I curse. The motorway has been clogged all the way from...
22 October 2009
We're in a public park on a sunny day. All is pretty much as good as it could be. We live in what is still a wealthy...
15 October 2009
It is Sunday and we are deep in Sussex, in the shadow of the South Downs. Even this far into autumn, the hills are lush...
08 October 2009
It is loud in here. It is dark in here. It is unbearable in here. But it is - and this is the most important fact about...