Michael Hodges writes the Class Monitor column for the New Statesman. He was named columnist of the year at the 2008 Magazine Design and Journalism Awards for his contributions to Time Out.

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Cultural Capital
29 January 2015
Weed killers.
02 January 2012
Where art can cost you your life When the 12th Istanbul Biennial closed on 13 November, Turkey was a sadder, quieter...
Music and Performance
04 November 2010
Shortly after the coalition took power, Billy Bragg picked up his telephone. "Billy," said a sparky, Hull-...
30 August 2010
The queue is both tempestuous and timid. Indeed, it is large enough to contain many human emotions along its winding...
23 August 2010
The estate agent is apparently honest, very polite and utterly upbeat. "Oh," he says, surveying the...
13 August 2010
Inside the entrance atrium, a stained-glass window directs a dim, blue light on to those who arrive in hope of lunch....
09 August 2010
The Yorkshire Wolds make for an unimpressive horizon. Middling chalk downland that struggles north from the Humber for...
02 August 2010
The phone rings for some time before the man behind the reception desk picks up the receiver, listens and then says...
23 July 2010
This, then, is how we take our leisure when the sun comes out in 21st-century north London. We are at the canal, where...
09 June 2010
Surly is the queue; there is no sense of fellow feeling here. Seething and resentful, the men with the potted plants...
07 June 2010
It's partly the surprise - I didn't know that they still come to the door - but it's mainly the anger. The baby has...
31 May 2010
There is a hush outside the bar.A car idles, a small child plays in a doorway as his mother talks quietly into her...
21 May 2010
From nowhere comes the rain. Disappointment mingles with the smell of meat and burning prawns. "Oh no, rain,...
04 May 2010
I see only one old woman on the Tuesday morning walk, the one that drives a mobility scooter. As my dog lets loose on...