Michael Brooks holds a PhD in quantum physics. He writes a weekly science column for the New Statesman, and his most recent book is At The Edge of Uncertainty: 11 Discoveries Taking Science By Surprise.

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Michael Brooks
26 July 2012
It's not a zero-sum game.
Michael Brooks
25 July 2012
Where do we stand?
18 July 2012
Every summer, hundreds of thousands of women run the five-kilometre Race for Life to raise money for Cancer Research UK...
Michael Brooks
13 July 2012
If only we hadn’t learned to roast meat...
Michael Brooks
04 July 2012
Pomp and circumstance, courtesy of Cern.
Michael Brooks
03 July 2012
There’s a very British shaking of heads going on around the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise divorce story. Who could fall...
27 June 2012
Sex has been the downfall of many species – and that includes German turtles and unwary praying mantises. This...
Michael Brooks
20 June 2012
So, yet another thing to worry about. It might not sound like news, but something big hit earth back in the...
Michael Brooks
15 June 2012
A depressing day out at the Department for Education
Michael Brooks
13 June 2012
On inaccessible universes and infinite planets.
International Politics
13 June 2012
Everyone wants to have a go.
Michael Brooks
05 June 2012
Yes, unless you believe Kurzweil...
30 May 2012
If the retired Metropolitan Police horse Raisa – once ridden by Rebekah Brooks – could talk, the tales she...
Michael Brooks
28 May 2012
On name-calling and the Geldof complex.
16 May 2012
The difficulty of fair research.