Michael Brooks holds a PhD in quantum physics. He writes a weekly science column for the New Statesman, and his most recent book is At The Edge of Uncertainty: 11 Discoveries Taking Science By Surprise.

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Michael Brooks
07 February 2013
Cut off from the norm.
Michael Brooks
31 January 2013
Norovirus might have laid you low for a short while, but you’re recovering, aren’t you? Your immune system...
Michael Brooks
24 January 2013
Scientists have been up in arms about the likely sale of the Royal Institution’s (RI) building on Albermarle...
Michael Brooks
10 January 2013
Two worlds collide.
Michael Brooks
03 January 2013
Psychiatric diagnoses are subjective.
Michael Brooks
19 December 2012
Long may our exploration of the heavens continue.
Michael Brooks
18 December 2012
Doing research the Wonga way.
Michael Brooks
06 December 2012
Supernovas, asteroids, climate chaos - take your pick.
Michael Brooks
29 November 2012
Bet it's a disaster.
Michael Brooks
17 November 2012
The particle is “maddeningly well-behaved”.
Michael Brooks
13 November 2012
A deadly trade.
08 November 2012
What’s in a name? Ash fungus by any other name would have burned as sweet in the recent bonfires. But the name...
01 November 2012
Our astonishing gift for destruction.
25 October 2012
The universe is teasing us.