Michael Brooks holds a PhD in quantum physics. He writes a weekly science column for the New Statesman, and his most recent book is The Secret Anarchy of Science.

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Michael Brooks
17 May 2013
Iowan James Hansen needs the attention.
Michael Brooks
16 May 2013
Here’s a fun experiment. Give your child – or a neighbour’s child, if you don’t have one of...
Michael Brooks
02 May 2013
Drink and snack manufacturers used to be vilified for making a profit out of making us fat. With the new Health and...
Michael Brooks
01 May 2013
Crick and Watson show us what's to come.
Michael Brooks
09 April 2013
On 25 March, the Science Museum announced the winners of the Great British Innovation Vote. The Human Fertilisation and...
27 March 2013
But don't despair - we might be struggling but we are not beaten yet.
Michael Brooks
21 March 2013
The new gold rush.
Michael Brooks
14 March 2013
No money back, no guarantee.
Michael Brooks
28 February 2013
Something in the water...
Michael Brooks
21 February 2013
Voices in the dark.
Michael Brooks
14 February 2013
Dangerous dithering.
Michael Brooks
07 February 2013
Cut off from the norm.
Michael Brooks
31 January 2013
Norovirus might have laid you low for a short while, but you’re recovering, aren’t you? Your immune system...
Michael Brooks
24 January 2013
Scientists have been up in arms about the likely sale of the Royal Institution’s (RI) building on Albermarle...
Michael Brooks
10 January 2013
Two worlds collide.