Michael Brooks holds a PhD in quantum physics. He writes a weekly science column for the New Statesman, and his most recent book is At The Edge of Uncertainty: 11 Discoveries Taking Science By Surprise.

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05 May 2011
The world's fascination with the royal wedding tells us many things. One is that we are still living in Victorian times...
27 April 2011
How appropriate for the season of death and rebirth. Lovers of mystery had been left disconsolate after Nasa confirmed...
20 April 2011
It seems that when you have just stepped down as president of the Royal Society, life can get a little dull - even if...
24 March 2011
An international team of researchers is about to embark on a fact-finding study of science. The aim is to discover...
17 March 2011
It's typical. You spend £2.6bn on a particle accelerator and take 14 years to build it, then people expect the answers...
10 March 2011
As the clean-up continues after the Christchurch earthquake, it is worth reminding ourselves how recently we gained any...
03 March 2011
Want to see the "big society" at work? Look at science. Doing science as an individual can be a terrifying...
24 February 2011
How's this for a dilemma: you are running a clinical trial and two of your patients have died in circumstances that...
17 February 2011
Perhaps it will go down in history. At 4pm on 10 February, Jocelyn Bell Burnell is giving a lecture at the Royal...
10 February 2011
Coral in trouble
27 January 2011
As everyone else's New Year obsession with weight wears off, science's is just getting started. Researchers are...
13 January 2011
Somebody is about to get the worst job in the world.The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is looking for...
29 December 2010
I had a little taste of political activism in 2010, and I liked it. My highlights of the year involved standing against...
22 December 2010
It's going to be a difficult Christmas for some of Nasa's scientists and engineers. While the space shuttle Discovery...
09 December 2010
Stem-cell therapy is about to prove itself. Over the next few months, researchers will inject stem cells into the...