Michael Brooks holds a PhD in quantum physics. He writes a weekly science column for the New Statesman, and his most recent book is At The Edge of Uncertainty: 11 Discoveries Taking Science By Surprise.

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27 October 2011
As of the end of October, the population of the world will exceed seven billion. People are looking to science to make...
24 October 2011
This month, the pathogen experts at the University of the Mediterranean in Marseilles announced that their new...
14 October 2011
On nuclear power
10 October 2011
While a few Italian physicists have been enjoying their time in the spotlight, some others have been less enthused...
29 September 2011
Insurance companies might want to look away now. Due to recent discoveries, the notion that you can see an individual's...
26 September 2011
Painting the world's roofs white might seem foolish but, given what scientists are about to do, it's starting to look...
19 September 2011
What do you do when a few decades of science puts an end to thousands of years of philosophical debate? Answer: call a...
09 September 2011
As Kerry Katona and her housemates passed a few weeks in the Celebrity Big Brother house, a much more ambitious version...
29 August 2011
Allow yourself a cheer: we might have found the God particle. At the end of July, physicists working on the Large...
22 August 2011
First, there was alcohol. Then came hair bleach. Now, at last, we've found a tiny bit of oxygen. This is not CSI:...
08 August 2011
There's a new acronym in town: ACHM, which stands for "animals containing human material". With any luck, you...
01 August 2011
It isn't just journalists, politicians and police officers who behave badly. On 1 August, the cognitive scientist Marc...
25 July 2011
Could you justify spending over £1bn of taxpayers' money on finding out why the universe contains more matter than...
14 July 2011
It might be worth seeing whether Venus and Serena Williams pay a visit to a certain doctor any time soon. The pair are...
04 July 2011
It's great being a scientist. You can sound ever so impressive by telling everyone that you're studying "non-...