22 October 2014
Biohazard earth.
World Affairs
25 September 2014
The annex man cometh.
07 November 2013
An aeons-old microbial arms race.
28 February 2013
Sparked the Scramble for Africa.
27 October 2011
For the past few years, I have been developing methods to exploit sophisticated machines to identify chemicals that may...
24 October 2011
Our bodies are fantastic recyclers. We take what we need from food and excrete the rest. Our urine and faeces are...
17 October 2011
Archaeologists think that human beings crossed from Eurasia ("the old world") into North America ("the...
29 September 2011
The assignment of a headless skeleton to the 19th-century Irish-Australian folk hero Ned Kelly is forensic DNA's latest...
26 September 2011
Recently I wrote about research into growing muscle cells in the lab to provide animal-free meat. At £50,000 per...
19 September 2011
Over the summer holidays, I took my two young sons (aged nine and 11) to London. To show them that there was more to...
09 September 2011
Meat grown in laboratories, some think, might be able to feed the earth's carnivorous hordes without exploiting animals...
29 August 2011
Bringing biodiesel to the oil-rich United Arab Emirates may sound like carrying coals to Newcastle. Yet the sea change...
08 August 2011
As a parasitologist, I am often asked about the impact of parasites on man. Major killers such as malaria, which claims...
01 August 2011
Public health policy aims to protect society from disease - sometimes, at an individual's expense. One person in 2.4...
25 July 2011
It's been a tough year for redheads. Not as bad as 2007, though, when a report surmised that anti-ginger prejudice was...