23 February 2012
If pressed, when asked which class we are in, most of us would reach for a placing that fitted on one rung or the other...
14 October 2010
From the NS archive.
07 October 2010
We got a copy of the New Statesman at my grammar school in Wigton, Cumbria, in the 1950s. It sat mint fresh every week...
26 April 2010
In 1997, the Labour government set out to strengthen funding for the arts - and achieved it. To borrow Gordon Brown's...
23 April 2009
John Updike wrote that “his novels made more of a stylistic impact upon me than those of any other writer in English...
TV and Radio
06 December 2007
When he first appeared on our screens in 1973 he seemed to be, and to some has remained, the arts presenter of a...
24 May 1999
Art Matters John Tusa Methuen, 168pp, £12.99 In 1948, T S Eliot wrote: "I see no reason why the decay of culture...
22 January 1999
The genetic revolution is in its infancy but its effects will define the next century. So who will monitor the...