Melissa Benn writes for the Guardian and other publications on social issues, particularly education. She is the author of several books of non-fiction and two novels, including One of Us (2008), and reviews books for the New Statesman

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Cultural Capital
26 February 2015
“Parents, calm the f*** down.”
The Staggers
16 February 2015
New more confident policy.
Cultural Capital
23 October 2014
“Pushy parent” market.
Cultural Capital
25 September 2014
Emmeline to Marilyn.
Cultural Capital
17 July 2014
Prepare to be depressed.
UK Politics
22 March 2012
Melissa Benn reports over eight months from the front line in the battle for Britain’s education. In September...
02 January 2012
Half a Wife: the Working Family's Guide to Getting a Life Back Gaby HinsliffChatto & Windus, 288pp, £12.99The other...
05 May 2011
Judging by the rumoured size of the advances, there is a huge market for a new genre of popular fiction: "mum lit...
27 September 2010
The L-Shaped Room Lynne Reid BanksVintage, 272pp, £7.99It is interesting to return to this classic novel, first...
UK Politics
14 September 2010
Selling off schools
05 May 2010
Sheila Rowbotham's work has always been concerned with unearthing connections between past and present, the personal...
22 March 2010
Although she has had her fair share of terrors and humiliations, the novelist Maggie Gee has no single searing trauma...
29 January 2010
This in-depth look at the gritty truth of contemporary relationships could not have come at a more interesting time. In...
UK Politics
29 May 2008
To the Brighton Festival to promote my second novel, One of Us, a story of two political families whose relationship...
25 October 2007
The conventional cinematic portrayal of unconventional parents, particularly those of a left-wing bent, is as wacky,...