27 November 2014
Corruption and cynicism rule.
Food and Drink
06 November 2014
Commercial hijack.
06 December 2007
It's not that often a train of thought unites Nicole Kidman and Peter Viereck, the American maverick conservative. But...
World Affairs
10 April 2006
It's remarkable what a year, and a change of name, can do for a man. The transformation of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger...
12 November 2001
This is an important book, and opportune. It's not just that Slobodan Milosevic is back in the dock at the...
09 July 2001
Funny, isn't it, to reflect that Slobodan Milosevic is, at last, being taken at his word? When the former president of...
09 April 2001
It's one thing to be around when history is being made; it is rather another matter to find it being rewritten at the...
05 March 2001
Perhaps the most improbable scene in the new film Chocolat, with Juliette Binoche, is the one in which a middle-aged...
04 December 2000
You might have thought that if there was one thing more fun than writing for a newspaper it would be owning one. All...
23 October 2000
There was one thing you could have bet on about the commission behind the Runnymede report - the one which had those...
28 August 2000
It was what you might call an uneven contest. Radio 4's Today programme kicked off its item on the Donaldson report on...
20 December 1999
We've got Christmas the wrong way round, you know. I don't mean the usual complaint about it being so tragically...
01 November 1999
Eight hundred years seems an awfully long time in politics. So when the hereditary peers voted for their own removal...
18 October 1999
The language of choice has always struck me as an impoverished way of looking at politics, let alone morals, and its...
20 September 1999
They don't make them like that any more. Melita Norwood, the granny spy, that is. For all that most people felt that...